About SoBE

We, at the Academy of Excellence (AoE), believe that higher Entrepreneurial activity in any country leads to a higher rate of economic development of the same. With this belief, we have tied up with “Prahlad Kakar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship (PKSBE)” to form AoE-SoBE (Academy of Excellence-School of Branding & Entrepreneurship). PKSBE are not only passionate about the need to create Entrepreneurs and Advertising Film Making professionals, but also have a desire to create responsible professionals, fearless in their capacity to make decisions and to become entrepreneurs rather than just “employees”. So it is in true sense, a ‘coming together’ of two like minded entities!

Here, at AoE-SoBE, students will be encouraged to dream and begin living them. Students are taught that their value addition is only in the kind of value they personally bring to their jobs. And that the true value that they bring to the table must be entirely authored by them and must be tangible.

We understand that:

Beyond Fear lies the vast expanse of Possibilities….

Beyond fear lies snowballing Success.

Beyond Fear lies the transformation of human spirit and endeavour

Beyond fear lies the magic of Possibilities that awaits every student at AoE-SoBE