Master Classes

Specialized Acting Master Class by Mr. Suresh Shetty

Acting is not a simple task. Acting on a whole involves a lot of things into it. Starting from body movements to facial expressions. Each & Every bit of Acting needs to come from heart to get the best out the actor. Right techniques are required to learn anything. Mr. Suresh Shetty was the Ex Dean of National School of Drama and is a GURU in Acting Movements. He is conducting a day special class for our Diploma Acting Students.

Mentor Class With Anil Parashar

Our SoTAH students got an amazing opportunity to meet and hear Mr. Anil Parashar President & CEO – ITQ. Mr. Parashar addressed 70 students and informed them about the growth of Aviation Industry. Travel & Tourism Industry is growing rapidly and the job opportunities in next 3 years will rise up to 41%. Mr. Parashar specially mentioned that this industry creates opportunity for both Women as well as Men.

The students also asked a few questions to which Mr. Parashar replied that aviation as a whole is growing, naming any one field under aviation is not only difficult but also will not be right. Starting from Airport Handling to Cabin Crew all will rise as India is planning to buy more Air Crafts by 2030.

Sundeep Koacher : Special Motivational & Mind Spa Session for our Students

Our Advisory Board Member Dr. Sundeep Koacher conducted a special session for all the AoE students. To do something or to achieve in life, one needs to have Motivation. Dr. Kochar provides a road map to discover fresh ideas, exploring the power to think differently and effectively. Sundeep’s impeccable foresightedness and the power to convince people at large makes him a brilliant and eclectic orator.

He talked about how important the word MOTIVATION is in our life’s and also explained the meaning of Mind-Spa to all our students.